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Welcome to the Future of Relationship Marketing

Don’t Miss Another Contact.

  • Increase Your Sales
  • Grow Your Team
  • Connect to Your Sales Pages
  • Eliminate the Multi-System Chaos
  • Increase your Close & Conversion Rates
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From the Guys who brought you Attraction Marketing Project,
We are proud to present ConvertNinja!

We’ve Heard the Pains of Our Community

We see the downfall of CRM systems being used that are not geared towards relationship marketers. With our experience using and working for CRM & Marketing Automation Email Software companies, we know the pain points people have using these Awesome systems. However they are built for businesses in general. We built ConvertNinja specifically for Relationship Marketers, eliminating the frustrating parts of using these systems, all while making it simple to use without losing the effectiveness. Whether using on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone, you will have the power of a system working for you even when you are not. You will have the effectiveness of never letting a potential client or team member slip through the cracks again. You will have the same power behind your sales and follow up as any large company, with the simplicity of not having to think of what you should do today. That is all on your homescreen and at your finger tips.

Why ConvertNinja?

ConvertNinja is Both a CRM + Marketing Automation (Email System)

Not only will you never let a person slip through the cracks, but ConvertNinja will also increase your amount of “Touches” per contact automatically, without you lifting a finger.

  • Create Automated Email Campaign, so your system is working, even when you are not
  • Have all of your contacts information in 1 place
  • See your past conversations so you know exactly what your next communication should be
  • Eliminate the multi-system chaos of using spreadsheets, email systems, post-it-notes
  • Increase your sales
  • Grow your team
  • Increase your close rate
  • Increase your conversion rate


CRM Stands for Customer Relationship Management

Your time is the most precious commodity you have. Nothing is more valuable, and its limited. ConvertNinja saves you that precious time, giving you more time to work on your business instead of just in it. Imagine being able to log into one place and have all your contacts, their contact & other information, and your past conversation history in one visible place. With the ability to spark a conversation through multiple channels like, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram, Email, & Phone without leaving that screen. Save a note of what happened so when the system tells you to follow up again you can see exactly where you left off, so you can have a relatable & intelligent conversation bringing you one step close to acquiring another customer or team member. Image not having to think about what to do or who to contact each day, just log in and take the steps knowing by simply following the process you’ll increase your business.

Every person you come in contact with is important. When your list grows, the people you have slip through the cracks increases. Each person that slips away is a potential sale or new team member that could have been. What’s it costing you each month or year in lost opportunities? I’m sure you’d agree that any amount (if it can be avoided) is too much.

We’ve all experienced the awful feeling of reaching out to someone you’ve been cultivating for a while and they tell you that they bought already or signed up under someone else’s team. That is a terrible feeling that can be avoided.

How you ask? CRM

It’s time to manage your contacts like the big corporations do. They do this because it’s been scientifically proven through studies that if you use a CRM you will increase your closing % and increase your conversion rates. By using the simple rule of Follow Up. If they’ve been doing this for decades, it’s time you do it. Take your business to the next level, and let us help.

Why Marketing Automation?

Well, Simply Put, Email Marketing Doesn’t Do it Anymore

Marketing automation takes email marketing and merges it with target marketing. Meaning instead of just a drip sequence, people can get emails specifically about what they were interested in. Keeping emails personal, and not salesy can help build the relationship instead of burning it by always asking for someone to buy or take a next step. Allow people to enter and exit campaigns based on their action. Example: If someone comes into your system because they were interested in a product, well you don’t want them to keep getting emails about the product and why they should purchase once they do buy. You’d want that campaign to stop and start them in a customer campaign. So you can increase your referrals, repeat customers, and team member additions. This is the system following up for you as if it is you, increasing your touches per prospect, increasing your productivity with zero effort on your part.

Benefits of ConvertNinja


  • A simple, powerful and import tool (get all your contacts in ConvertNinja without having to manually enter each person’s info)
  • A simple Dashboard to work from
  • See what you have to do today
  • See what types & how many people you have in the system
  • See and Use your daily check list
  • See how you are doing with completing your Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Goals
  • Task Action Box
    • See Who to Connect with next
    • Multiple connection avenues
      Phone, Email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram
    • Set Task Reminders
    • Update the sales stage
    • Add an estimated close date
    • Set a best time of day to contact
    • Open their full contact record
    • Apply Notes
    • See past notes history
    • Make Tasks Priority
    • Complete, Skip, or Postpone a Task


  • Set your own Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Goals
  • Set the amount of tasks you want to show up on your dashboard each day
  • Set your own daily checklist To Do’s
  • Organize your Contacts for Applying Bulk Actions

Downline Reporting

  • Visibility into your downline
    See how your downline is doing with their Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Goals
  • Accountability with your downline
    Get emailed each day showing you who and what tasks they did not complete that day


  • Connect to your personal email account
  • Emails will come from your email address
  • Emails will not show up in Spam or Promotions
  • Send 1 email to contacts from your dashboard
  • Send broadcast emails
  • Use Pre-Built Automatic Drip Email Campaigns
  • Set up Automatic Drip Email Campaigns


  • Us Based Support Team
  • Step by Step Set Up Videos
  • Weekly calls for individual help
  • Self Paced Course
  • Submit Support Tickets
  • Mastermind Training Groups
  • Facebook Community

Mobile Access

How ConvertNinja Compares

System MailChimp Aweber Constant Contact HatchBuck Active Campaign Infusionsoft ConvertNinja
Minimum Cost FREE 0-500 Contacts
$20/mo MIN
Next Level Cost $10/mo 501-2,500 Contacts
Email Plus
$45/mo MIN
Small Biz
Top Tier Level Cost $199/mo 2,501-5,000 Contacts
Email Marketing
(Not included in Lite)
Marketing Automation
Support Email or Chat
(With higher package)
Support Live Person
(Not included in Lite)

Welcome to the Future of Relationship Marketing

Don’t Miss Another Contact.

Get Started Today!
$24.95/month - 30 Day FREE Trial